This was my very first sizzle reel; it's over a year old, and I had no idea how to use a video editor. Not too bad for a first attempt!

Kaitlin Sizzle BW

Uploaded by Kaitlin Chin on 2016-03-02.

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Kaitlin and her amazing dancers were hired as a surprise to me from my wife for our wedding and they were amazing. Their performance had every guest and especially us crying from beginning to end because it was not just special but it gave us all chills because they were just breathtaking! I would recommend Kaitlin not just for her dancing techniques but her aerial performance.

Arverne, NY

"Working with Kaitlin Chin has consistently been a pleasure. I have done over 10 different gigs performing alongside her, and under her direction, and she is always organized, beautiful, well costumed, engaging, and friendly! She is certainly someone worth booking."

JO from Brooklyn, NY

"What’s amazing about Kaitlin is her dedication to any job or project she works on. Her professionalism, accuracy and discipline are phenomenal. She is also a multi tasker; I’ve seen her perform, manage a crew and deal with the client in one night. She is always on top of things and anyone would be very lucky to work with her."

R from Brooklyn, NY

"Kaitlin was and is a joy to work withShe's a consummate professional, always smiling and pro...

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